TuTuApp Spotify – Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019 (No JailBreak)

TuTuApp Spotify – Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019

Spotify is one of the best online and offline music player and streamer all over the world. as we all know Spotify is not a free app. at the first Spotify gives you a new days tail version then you should activate and get your premium version of your Spotify but if you are a big fan of Spotify then you should try TuTuApp SpotifyTuTuApp Spotify is a free version of Spotify for a lifetime.

TuTuApp Spotify

if you are looking to Get Spotify Premium for Free for LifeTime with TuTuApp Spotify then you are at right place because we post a fresh article every new day about tech solutions and more. in this article, we will guide with screenshots you how to get Spotify Premium for free with TuTuApp. enjoy Premium Version of Spotify.

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Get Spotify Premium for Free

to get Get Spotify Premium for Free there is a best and %100 working methought. as we all know TuTuApp is the best app which can provide the premium version Spotify. to Get Spotify Premium for Free first you should Download and install TuTuApp. to Download original TuTuApp we have given the complete guide with screenshots.

Spotify++ Download

to Download and install spotify++ or Spotify premium version there are two ways. first, you should have jailbroken IOS device or you should jailbreak your device and the second methought is the best way to get spotify++ because you don’t need to jailbreak your device and you will not need any computer. the second methought is TuTuApp Spotify which is the best methought and best way and in this article, we will guide you to get spotify++ with TuTuApp Spotify.

TuTuApp Spotify Premium IOS

as we all know TuTuApp can only install on IOS devices and we can get spotify++ or Spotify premium version with TuTuApp Spotify. to get TuTuApp Spotify premium version the methought is somehow tricky but it is not that much hard that you can’t do and it is the easy way then jailbreaking your device because sometimes during jailbreak IOS device stuck on apple logo and your device will not work properly.

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Spotify Premium iPhone X

to get Spotify premium on iPhone x is somehow same like other iPhones like iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone because of these all devices runes on IOS 12. IOS 12 is the latest version of Apple Inc software revolution and TuTuApp developers group has launched the latest version of TuTuApp which can work with IOS 12 perfectly and you can download any premium app for free from TuTuApp.

TuTuApp Download

to Download TuTuApp latest version for IOS devices is available and it was launched a few months before. TuTuApp developers group is pre-active they lunched TuTuApp new version before the IOS launched its new version. 

Get TuTuApp Latest Version

Install Now

How to get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone

There are few simple steps to Download TuTuApp and Spotify Premium version or Spotify ++ for LifeTime without any money payment. you can get the complete guide of how to get Spotify premium for free on iPhone with screenshots.

  • First click on install Now above to install TuTuApp on your iDevice and a new page will open which is the official website of TuTuApp. now just click on Install Now.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • After clicking on Install Now Button a new pop-up to ask you to install the TuTuApp on your iDevice. just click on install.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now TuTuApp will install Automatically in the background. you can see the installation and download process on your iDevice home screen.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • After Download and installation completed just click on TuTuApp icon to open. when you click on TuTuApp icon to open an error will pop-ups it will say that TuTuApp is a third party app it is not verified by the Apple App Store. just click on Cancel. now we will allow the app to be opened in our Apple iDevice.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now we need to Allow or give permission to be opened on our iDevice. to give permission just click on Setting which is on your home screen.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now click on General which is on your iDevice setting section.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now scroll Down and find Device Management and click on that.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now click on China Mobile Group Heilongjiang to give permission to be opened on your iDevice.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now it will ask you to trust or give permission iPhone Distribution: China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company Limited. just click on Trust.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now try again to open TuTuAppit will open successfully.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now on the search bar of TuTuApp search for Spotify and on Download Button of Spotify ++ to install.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now Spotify ++ will download wait till the download not completed.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • After Downloading completed it will ask to install the Spotify ++ on your iDevice. just click on install to install the app on your iDevice.

TuTuApp Spotify-www.wikishout.com

  • Now Spotify ++ will install on your iDevice. after installation of Spotify ++ you should give permission Spotify ++ or Spotify Premium Version to be opened on your iDevice. like we showed you to give permission the TuTuApp above.

Note: first try this methought without VPN if it didn’t install without VPN after that open you VPN and connect. now it should work %100. when TuTuApp is not available for your country then you should change your location. to change your location just open and connect VPN.

Now you have installed Spotify ++ or Spotify Premium Version with TuTuApp Spotify successfully. now you are able to enjoy Spotify Premium version for Lifetime without any Money.

How to Get Spotify Premium free Forever

this is the methought How to get Spotify Premium free forever but you should not delete the TuTuApp. without TuTuApp it will not work or it will not open. you should keep TuTuApp on your iDevice. TuTuApp Spotify or this methought will not work on any android device

Final Words

Hope this Article helps to get TuTuApp Spotify – Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019 (No JailBreak). if this Article helps you please share our Article with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, What’s App and more to help them. Keep visiting our website www.wikiShout.com for more amazing Articles. Finally thanks for Reading our Article.

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