Adsterra Review | Adsterra Advertising Network Payment, Pros & Cons

Adsterra Review | Adsterra Advertising Network Payment, Pros & Cons:

Are you looking for a better ad network? Are you looking to monetize your website with another advertising network? Is your website didn’t approve with Google AdSense? Are you trying to make money with another ad network? Are you trying to make more money through your blog or website? If yes then you are in the right place because here I am going to share with you some important points about adsterra.

as a publisher, everyone wants to make more money e through his block your website but making money is simple in blogging but making more money is one of the hardest tasks. Every blogger wants to make more money through his block but in this journey, all bloggers face many difficulties like website not approving in in advertising networks like AdSense, and other networks who pays the best amount of money. But you should don’t be worry about ad networks because there are on the earth many more advertising networks. So in this article, I am here to share a review of adsterra. So please stay tuned till the end and focus on the article to know each and everything about adsterra.


Adsterra Review

Adsterra is one of the best and reliable ad network advertising companies. Is a publisher I am using at stare from four months ago. I have seen a lot of pros and cons in adsterra advertising network. But we can say that it is an average advertising ad network because it is not that strict like google and AdSense ad network. If I talk about its prose one of the best and I think it is one of the different things and one of the different ways that’s why adsterra is different from other ad networks. Approve your website in few minutes like when you click and join for approval. It gives you publisher approval in few minutes like in 10 minutes or 5 minutes. It doesn’t analyze your website that much strictly like Google AdSense and

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Adsterra Website Approval

As I mentioned above that it is one of the reliable and best ad networks for those who didn’t get approval from Google AdSense and Like if you have a movie website google AdSense and will not website because they said that you are website is copyrighted and your website doesn’t have any valuable content on it. So that’s why I M don’t need and Google approval for any movie reviewing website. So if you have any movie reviewing a website or you have a website which you can have any valuable or unique content after that much difficulties at stare will approve your website in 10 minutes and you will be able to put is ads on your website almost like Google AdSense and

So we can say it is one of the fastest approving ad networks in the world although I can say that it is one of the best ad networks in the world in order to approve common and small websites. When you sign up with your website in its website you will be a proven 10 minutes after that you can put its ad on your website very easily. And after that, you will start earning from your website without any restriction. So if your website is not being approved by other ad networks like Adsense and so it is one of the best choices for you to join adsterra. Adsterra review for you.

How does Adsterra Works?

Many people have questions on their minds that how it works. If I talk about this feature it will be very good for me because I am using adsterra for three months and I get good feedback from this ad network. Publishers know that normally advertising companies worked on two models like Impressions and click in another language we can say on CPC or CPM. So if I clarify that what is CPC and what is CPM. CPC is one of the famous ways of advertising. CPC stands for cost per click. Like when you have displayed any ad network on your website. You’r visitor comes and clicks on that particular ad you will be paid for that advertising at work it’s called CPC. They pay you for clicks on that advertising banner.

If I talked about CPM it stands for cost per thousand impressions. It means that when you display any network Banner on your website and your visitor comes and just sees that add that cal to one impression. You will be paid for the impression. And adsterra works on add impressions, not on cost per click CPC. So when a lot of visitors visit your website and saw the ads then it will pay you the amount.

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Adsterra Payment Methoughts

It has a lot of payment methods for publishers. It is not like oK Google AdSense and which have few payment methods. You will be pet through different payment methods as your wish but in Google AdSense, you will be paid through your bank account only but in other countries, it may have one or two payment methods but in Asia, it has only Bank wire transfer method. So don’t be worry about the payment method of this advertising network I will discuss in detail its payment methods below.


As we all know Paypal is one of the best and famous payment methods in the whole world. Paypal is accepted in the globe anywhere but not in Pakistan right away. I don’t know what is the issue of PayPal with Pakistan but only we can wish that it will come to Pakistan. But although there is a lot of other payment networks if you are from Pakistan. If you want to get through PayPal you should have 100 US dollars on your website it is the minimum threshold for PayPal.


And the second payment method is WebMoney. As we all know WebMoney is not famous like Paypal but it is one of the best online transfer methods nowadays. If you have a WebMoney account then it is a golden chance and a golden advertising network that you will be pet through WebMoney. So for web money you need to have 5 dollars on your account then you will be able to withdraw that amount from your WebMoney account right away. Webmoney minimum threshold is 5 US dollars. It is all about Adsterra review.


Let’s suppose you don’t have a WebMoney account and you don’t have any PayPal account but here are many more other payment methods as well like pixum. Prism is not that famous money transfer network but it is not that much locate agree on online money transfer network. You will be paid in pixum if you have its account. And its minimum threshold is $5. You will be paid in pixum account when you have 5 dollars or above of $5. And when you click on transfer it will transfer instantly.

Wire Transfer

This is now a bank transfer turn. If you don’t have the above accounts then you will be paid you and your bank account if you want. But bank account is one of the worst payment methods in this advertising network. Because you need 1000 US dollars to get paid in your bank account And when you transfer 1000 dollars to your bank account you should wait for 3 or 4 working days. We can say it is one of the worst money transfer methods in adseterra.


So we have across about Bitcoin payment method. As we all know Bitcoin is one of the best and one of the latest payment methods in the globe. Bitcoin is one of the best and reliable payment methods in this advertising network. If you want payment in Bitcoin you can also get a bed from this advertising at work as well. You simply just need a crypto wallet after that you will be paid in your Crypto wallet instantly but for this, you need $100. Bitcoin payment threshold is $100 and it will transfer instantly.


tether is one of the best and latest payment methods as Bitcoin. It is also our Cryptocurrency. You can be paid in a tether account from this advertising network as well. Its minimum threshold is 100 US Dollars and it will transfer instantly in few minutes. So this is all about the payment methods of Adsterra. So for details, I am giving a screenshot of the payment method as you can also check out this below from Adsterra review.

adsterra payment
adsterra payment

Final Words

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