Zong 4g internet Packages 2018 – Daily, Weekly Zong Data Bundles

Zong 4g internet Packages 2018 Daily, Weekly Zong Data Bundles

Zong 4g internet Packages 2018 Daily, Weekly Zong Data Bundles are available for any old and New Zong Customers. Zong 4g Brings brand new Cheap and with full 4g Speed Zong 4g internet Packages for Daily and Weekly. Zong Pakistan 4G Mobile Internet Packages and 4G data packages, 4G Internet bundles, and 4G devices. Fast Zong 4G MBB Internet packages and Zong Bolt Devices information. you find how to Activate(subscribe) or DeActivate(Unsubscribe)  Zong 4G Data Packages and also check Zong Free Whatsapp and Zong Free FaceBook Promotions. Rates are for Prepaid and Postpaid Zong Sims.

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Zong internet Packages 2018, Zong internet sim Packages

zong 4g internet packages

Zong internet Packages 2018 and Zong internet sim Packages are some-how same. in simple Zong 4g packages are Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly are available to use. Zong makes it easy to use the high-speed 4g internet at a cheap price. in Pakistan Zong is providing best offers, services, and customer care this is the reason why Zong network is increasing day by day. have checked out Zong smartphones and Feature Phones. if you want to get one or check out please contact Zong customer care services.

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Zong 4g internet Packages 2018 (Latest)

    Network Package Name    Free MBs       Validity          Price    Activation        Code
      Zong 4g Zong Free 3g/4g FaceBook Package      Unlimited          1 Day          Rs. 0 No Subscription Required
      Zong 4g Zong Twitter Only 3g/4g Package            20          1 Day          Rs. 2       *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong FaceBook 3g/4g Package            50          1 Day          Rs. 5       *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Daytime 3g/4g Package          1024          1 Day          Rs. 12       *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong GoodNight 3g/4g Package          2048          1 Day          Rs. 12       Just Sms “Gno” To 6464
      Zong 4g Zong Daily 3g/4g Only Package           150          1 Day          Rs. 15        *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Daily Max 3g/4g Package           500          1 Day          Rs. 35           *5#
      Zong 4g Zong Monthly Mini 3g/4g Package           150       1 Month          Rs. 50        *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Weekly Premium 3g/4g Package           700         7 Days          Rs. 70        *6464#

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      Zong 4g Zong Weekly Super 3g/4g Package          2000         7 Days         Rs. 100        *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Monthly Basic 500 3g/4g Package           500       1 Month         Rs. 150        *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Monthly 3GB 3g/4g Package          3000       1 Month         Rs. 300        *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Data Share 3g/4g Package (5GB)          5000       1 Month         Rs. 500        *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Monthly 10GB 3g/4g Package         10000       1 Month         Rs. 600        *6464#
      Zong 4g Zong Data Share 3g/4g Package (10GB)         10000       1 Month         Rs. 900        *6464#

More information: these packages are the best Zong 4g internet packages for your phone. hope this article helps you to get the information that you are looking for. if this information is helpful please share our Article with your friends to help them. you can download best free software from this Website thank you for Visiting our site.

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